3 Best And Amazing Martial Arts Meditation Techniques

martial arts meditation techniques

Martial arts simply put into use common techniques of meditation and implements in their art as a component of training. Martial arts is considered a pathway to spiritual enlightenment. It is not possible to build a strong body unless you have a strong mind. Therefore, you must begin by training your mind first. Meditation increases concentration, awareness, and discipline, which are all essential to become a good practitioner of the martial arts. Without concentration, you are not able to take the right opportunity to defend or strike, which can be dangerous. Without awareness, you are not able to fight a battle without getting hit. Without discipline, you are not able to follow the principles or relax. If your mind gets tensed up due to fear, you will burst out. You must learn how to have control over your mind and senses. The dual-benefit of these martial arts meditation techniques is that it not only impacts your life positively but also increases your performance on the mats.

Know About Some Amazing Martial Arts Meditation 


Meditation Techniques

There is an amazing link between these two superpowers- martial arts and meditation. Here you can get to know about some techniques which wonderfully balances both arts.

Self Control And Discipline Meditation 

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This martial art meditation technique focuses on freeing the mind from negative thoughts, which are considered a weakness in practicing martial arts. By observing the mind, one becomes aware of hidden features such as envy and anger. This mind observation technique is very much beneficial to cultivate sharp focus. Focusing your mind while sitting still creates a disciplined, focused practitioner. Breathing deeply while sitting or standing, concentrating on positive thoughts is a way practitioners teach this technique.

No Mind

No mind is a state of mind in which the practitioner perceives no opponent. It is said that he becomes the opponent himself and pre assumes what moves will be made in the battle. It is the essence of all the martial art meditation techniques which emptying the mind of any thought. This is used in martial arts to develop discipline and patience.

Chi Breathing Meditation

All martial arts meditation techniques contain training that requires abdominal breathing with an exhalation rather than inhalation. This breathing is done to circulate chi or energy throughout the body. This energy is meant to flow circularly from the top of the head down to the soles of the feet and again back to the head. The excess energy is generally stored below the navel. This technique focuses upon the breathing process to become aware of the levels of energy present in the body.


I hope you have comprehensively gone through this informative article on the wonderful martial arts meditation techniques. These techniques are worth everything in the world of positive thinking. These are must-try techniques in today’s world of varied thoughts.

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