3 Common Mistakes Made With Meditations

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They usually lead you astray, and instead of getting you where you want to go, they leave you where you were. This article will help you choose the right guide for you.

The wrong way of meditation is just like any other kind of guided meditation – the person leading you doesn’t know what they’re doing. If they do, they aren’t doing it the “right” way, and it causes people to be led down the wrong path. For example, sitting in a chair for meditation can cause your heart rate to go out of control. You might think that your mind is going to stop, but it won’t. If you listen to guided meditation CDs, you’ll get the same results, because all the experts know what they’re doing.

Three Common Errors

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The “wrong” way is how most people meditate incorrectly, and how this leads people to spend years meditating, not enjoying the rewards or benefits. There are three common errors that lead meditation guides to go the wrong way. One is focusing on feelings and sensations, which lead to mental distraction and negative energy. Another is ignoring the physical sensations of movement and breathing in your body and focusing only on those.

It’s the first error that I want to talk about. Most people who meditate using guided meditation beads or tapes listen to music while they are meditating. When you do that, you are distracted by the sounds and rhythms. These sounds and rhythms could be anything – nature sounds, traffic sounds, or even the television can distract you. So when you hear music, even if it’s something relaxing, you focus on the music, distracting yourself from the inner state of meditation.

Ignoring The Effects Of Your Thoughts

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The second error is ignoring the effects of your thoughts. This is a big part of guided meditation, but one of the biggest problems with meditation in general. Most meditation guides focus on the meditation technique and forget to emphasize the overall effect of the mind and our thoughts. When we meditate, we are entering an altered state of consciousness, where we can reach a state of awareness without thinking, dealing with both conscious and subconscious thought processes. This is the state in which it becomes easier to experience all the wonderful things that meditation opens up to us.

And the third biggest mistake that you make when meditating the wrong way is not enjoying your experience. Again, this is why guided meditation is so helpful. If you meditate using music or use any meditation tools, you will find that you become more drawn into the experience than worried about your state of consciousness. If you don’t enjoy your experience, your meditation will be less effective, and this means that you won’t experience all the wonderful things that meditation opens up to you.

Ignoring The Effects Of Your Thoughts

So there you have it. Those three mistakes are the main components of a bad meditation guide. They are easy to fix and require just a little bit of practice. If you follow the instructions in detail and with interest, you can easily overcome these problems and meditate the way you like to. You’ll get the most out of your meditation and deepen your experience every time.


Hopefully this article has shown you what an easy meditation guide can do for you. As you gain more experience, you will become aware of other ways in which you can make meditation easy. In the meantime, start using guided meditations and relax. You’ll be glad you did!

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