3 Effective Taoist Meditation Techniques- You Must Practice

taoist meditation techniques

Everyone wants to live a healthy and harmonious life, which can be most easily achieved by practicing Taoist meditation techniques. Taoist meditation is a unique form of meditation that has come from Chinese religion and philosophy. However, it is somewhat similar to Buddhist meditation but is very effective. Based on Chinese philosophy, it emphasizes more energy flow, healing you, better breathing techniques, and to live in harmony with nature. Taoist practice helps one to connect himself to the power of the whole universe and gain deep enlightenment. The given below techniques can guide you on how to start and develop in Taoist meditation. The Taoist meditation techniques focus on the generation and circulation of energy within us.

Top 3 Taoist Meditation Techniques

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Emptiness Meditation

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The Emptiness meditation is used to attain stillness and is all about emptying yourself. It is all about having a dynamic interaction between our outer selves and inner selves. This technique is based on building vital energy after that, circulating that energy within the whole body. Have to forget all mental thoughts and feelings etc., and find inner peace and emptiness. This replenishes our spiritual energy and makes us stress-free. Thus, it is a good way to be relaxed and fresh.

Breathing Meditation

Breathing meditation is the most effective one out of all known Taoist meditation techniques. Moreover, it is also a technique in Buddhism and Hinduism. It is also known as Zhuanqi. This technique is based on the idea of making our breath ‘soft.’ You have to focus on your breath and try to slow it down such that after a long term practice, it seems to have stopped. Thus, the focus on breathing will help to unite your mind.


This is one of the most powerful Taoist meditation techniques. We have to use our inner vision so that we can be able to find our true and correct path in life. It is all about achieving inner peace.

Benefits Of Taoist Meditation Technique

With the help of Taoist Meditation techniques, one can get relief and can improve the quality of sleep.

Taoist meditation techniques fill your life with happiness as it reduces stress, thus helping you to be happy in your life. Those who frequently suffer from anxiety should practice this Taoist meditation.

Daily meditation increases energy circulation in the body.

Taoist meditation techniques help you lead a well-disciplined life and keep you away from bad habits. Hence, they also make you a person of good character.

In this competitive world, every student wants to come to the first position. This causes stress and decreases concentration. With regular meditation practice, you can increase your concentration and do better in your studies.


Taoist meditation techniques are unique and effective. They make your life easier and energetic.


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