Best Meditation Techniques For Anxiety And Stress

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Meditation helps you gain both physical and mental peace. It has been practiced for thousands of years now. It is used nowadays to reduce stress.

Benefits of Meditation

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  • Increases self-awareness

Many meditation techniques help you to improve your self-awareness. They help you organize your thoughts and help you recognize thoughts that are harmful or self-defeating. It helps you understand yourself better.

  • Reduce stress level

Decreasing the stress level is one of the popular reasons people try meditation for. Stress can lead to many problems such as anxiety, increased Blood Pressure, fatigue, depression, etc. Research has shown that meditation helps to prevent some of the effects of stress.

  • Decreases Anxiety

Meditation helps in reducing stress which leads to a decrease in anxiety levels of a person. Researches have shown that practicing yoga or mindfulness meditation can help in reducing anxiety.

Techniques of meditation

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  • Meditation by guide

Under these meditation techniques preferably a guide helps you to imagine scenes that you may find relaxing in your head. It includes the use of maximum senses like sound, visualization, smells, etc.

  • Meditation with the humming of mantras

Under the mantra meditation technique you are required to chant a mantra i.e a word, phrase, or a calming thought silently in your head. The chanting is done to prevent you from distracting thoughts.

  • Yoga

In yoga, you have to focus your mind and body on forming some postures. Yoga doesn’t only calm your mind but also makes you flexible physically. You have to concentrate on balancing your posture.

  • Meditation by mindfulness

Under this technique of meditation, you have to focus on what you’re experiencing while meditating like your breathing patterns. It is based on being very mindful and it increases your conscious awareness.

  • Tai Chi

It is an ancient Chinese technique of meditation. You have to breathe slowly and calmly perform a series of postures. 

  • Transcendental Meditation 

A personally assigned mantra or phrase is to be repeated in a specified way. It is one of the simplest forms of meditation technique.

  • Qi Gong

This is another Chinese technique of meditation that includes a combination of breathing exercises, physical movements, and meditation, to maintain the balance of our body.

Elements of meditation 

  • Positive attitude

You need to let all the thoughts that come into your head pass without negatively taking them and passing judgment about them.

  • Comfortable position

You need to find a quiet and comfortable position to practice meditation. It is not necessary to practice meditation only while sitting. You practice meditation while lying down, walking, or sitting. You just have to be comfortable.

  • Focus/Concentration

You need to focus/concentrate your attention while meditating. It helps you relax and get rid of all of the distracting thoughts going on in your mind.


Meditation is a technique to focus your mind and redirect your thoughts. The technique of meditation is gaining popularity since people are finding out about the benefits they get from practicing meditation.

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