Best Meditation Techniques For Focus

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Meditation has been practised for more than 3000 years and today it is needed more than ever because of our disturbed lives. Many studies have shown that meditation helps in stress management, memory improvement, self-awareness, decluttering the mind, and lots of other benefits. One of the most useful benefits of Meditation is Increased concentration or better focus. It trains our mind to completely focus on one matter thereby increasing our focus and productivity in daily life tasks. Meditation techniques that improve focus are 


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It is one of the most efficient and easy techniques out there which can help in improving your focus. It is practised by diverting all your attention towards your body sensation like breathing or any other physical sensation but without interpreting or judging that. In other words, focus on what you are feeling in the present moment and let go of any thoughts that cross your mind. This technique helps us remove all unwanted thoughts from our minds and focus on what’s important.

Zen Meditation

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It is also known as Zazen, this technique comes from Buddhist psychology. It appears to be the same as mindfulness but it is not. In mindfulness, we focus our mind on one object completely whereas in Zen meditation the goal is to focus on general awareness and not think about anything. In zazen you’re required to keep your eyes semi-open and disregard any thought that comes to your mind try to think about nothing, eventually, our mind stops wandering and develops powerful focus capabilities  


Mantra in Sanskrit means mind release, a mantra is some word or phrase you repeatedly chant during meditation. When people find it difficult to focus on any object and are not able to control their mind from wandering then Mantras can be useful tools. This technique requires us to sit in a comfortable position and speak a mantra each time we inhale or exhale. Select any mantra-like ‘om’ or whichever suits you best. It is advised that we should not change mantras frequently and stick to one mantra for maximum benefits.

Kirtan Kriya

It is an advanced form of Mantra meditation that comes from the centuries-old Kundalini yoga tradition. In this exercise, you are required to chant “Saa”, “Taa”, “Naa”,” Maa”. You need to begin by sitting in a straight pose and maintaining a brow point in your eyes and then when you chant Saa, Taa, Naa and MAA touch your index finger, middle finger, ring finger, and little finger respectively.  For the first 5 minutes, one should chant in a normal voice followed by whispering for the next 5 minutes and then silently chanting for the next 10 minutes.


Meditation is one of the most powerful tools to improve our focus and concentration. One who can master any of the mentioned techniques can learn to control his mind and divert his attention as per his needs. Many successful people around the world brag about how meditation helps them in improving their productivity and make better decisions. So, people looking to improve their focus should try meditation

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