Calm Your Mind With Meditation Online Guide – Here Are Top Picks

meditation online guide

Mediation has become more of a necessity than a preference nowadays due to the stress, anxiety, and depression caused by the pandemic. Today people of all ages are suffering from some kind of mental issue, be it severe or mild. A meditation online guide can help to recover early so that mild symptoms don’t cause complications in the future.

There are several websites, apps, and YouTube channels that guide the different types of meditation techniques. Confusion arises when one cannot pick one and stick by it. We have clear your doubts about the online meditation guide and have the best ones listed here.

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Meditation Online Guide- Benefits And Top Picks Of 2021

Less Distraction

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One can meditate anywhere anytime, but that’s not true. Surroundings play a major role, so one must find a dedicated place where one can continue classes. Online meditation courses are helpful as you can meditate at your preferred location and avoid distractions.

Learn For Free

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Another benefit of online courses is that most of them are available for free. High fees are one of the reasons why people quit meditation. And since you can do it on your own, but a little guidance is necessary for beginners thus online courses are highly beneficial.


Although a dedicated time and place are necessary if you want to reap the benefits of any activity, considering online is okay if you have time issues. Those working or having tight-schedule will get flexibility with an online meditation guide. They don’t have to skip classes citing lack of time as an excuse.

One of the essential reasons why people are shifting toward online courses is the flexibility to pick their mentor. Most of the time, you pay fees but later realize the guide is not professional or dislikes their way of teaching.

By choosing a meditation guide online, you can save your time, money and switch anytime.

Best Online Meditation Guide Of 2021

So, if you have made your mind and want to start the journey to peaceful living now, pick from our free guided meditations.

Insight Timer- Daily live classes, meditation community, live chat option, practice session, and lots more

Mindfulness exercises- Worksheets, e-books, mindfulness challenge, short to in-depth sessions, and above 2000 free courses

Smiling mind- Good for kids and adults – Paid Versions are also available for those who want to work on specific areas and need more features. Best among them are

Headspace- It works on three main areas- sleep, focus, and fitness. You can even access your happiness level weekly using the app.

Calm- This one is for those suffering from insomnia or who cannot sleep due to any other issues. Calm has a story section narrated by celebs and experts that help in sleeping and reducing stress.

Sattva- It includes chants, mantras, and useful meditation poses as per Vedas and ancient techniques.


Pick as per your preference and spend few minutes daily on your mental health. These online meditation guides work for sure and gradually will see the difference in your health and mood.

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