Chakra Meditation Guide For The Whole Body And Mind

chakra meditation guide

The word “chakra” means a channel or connection made between the physical body and the conscious self or ego. Chakra meditation is the art of focusing mental energies on a single point while at the same time allowing those energies to flow out of your body. You may have heard of the discipline of yoga in relation to chakra meditation. Yoga uses various techniques such as sitting and standing postures, relaxation and pranayama. In chakra meditation, you are guided through a process that allows you to gently open up your chakras and achieve kundalini awakening.

Before you start your chakra meditation guide, it’s important to know just how chakras relate to everyday lives. Simply think of chakras as your internal reflection of your emotional responses and feelings. We all have seven chakras or energy centers through which we receive information and instructions from our higher selves. The second chakra is located directly behind the eyes and is called the siddhi. This chakra controls your intuition and is related to dream interpretation. The third chakra is located in the top of the head and is known as the anahata or “no-mind” chakra; it controls thought and perception, and is associated with spiritual growth and realization.

You Are Opening Up Your Own Mind

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Now that you know what each chakra is and what they do, you’ll want to learn more about chakra meditation guide and how to practice chakra meditation. The first thing to realize is that in chakra meditation, you are opening up your own mind, so to speak. Chakra meditation guides can teach you how to detach yourself from the ego (or material) of your mind and focus your attention on the spiritual traditions that manifest in your physical body. This is a very powerful process that will awaken dormant potential energy fields within you.

Next, a chakra meditation guide will teach you how to recognize and cultivate these seven chakras. In traditional teachings, you only need to visit the seven chakras – located below the nose, on top of the head, below the chest, above the waist, to realize your full potential. However, in modern times, you need to pay closer attention because the seven chakras are often represented more graphically in chakra meditation tools and symbols. For this reason, I have put together this brief guide.

The Presence Of A Flower Or A Coloured Disc

The first thing you will notice when reading a chakra meditation guide is the presence of a flower or a coloured disc. These are representative of the primary chakra structures you are currently focusing on. The crystal disc or flower is representative of the root chakra. Root chakra energy centers are situated in the top of your head just above your eyes. The next chakra is represented by the bright red colour of the rose. It is connected to love and creativity.

The second thing you will notice is the presence of colour-codes. As you become familiar with chakra meditation tools, these colour-coding techniques will become clear. Basically, the brighter the colour, the blocked energy centre is located in that area, therefore clearing it for new potentiality. The third thing you will notice is the presence of bright red colour on the heart chakra flower.

Final Words

This is the focal point for unconditional love and joy. Clearing this chakra gives rise to a feeling of completeness and oneness within your body and within the whole body of humanity. Last but not least, we have the colour green in connection with the primary chakra located in the middle of the forehead. In chakra meditation, green colour indicates the primary energy centres of your being. It also represents wisdom and mindfulness, and helps to harmonize the other two colours. You can experience such wisdom and mindfulness by staying attuned to your inner self, or your own true Self. You can achieve this through meditation on a daily basis.

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