Find Out How These Mantra Meditation Techniques Will Be Of Help To Your Mind And Body

mantra meditation techniques

Nowadays the use of mantra meditation techniques is on a high scale which is helpful in getting a stress-free life. A mantra is a word or a phrase you can repeat during meditation as a tool to help to release stress from the mind. The mantra is a Sanskrit term with ‘man’ as mind and ‘tra’ as releasing. The mantra can be used for boosting awareness and improving concentration. It also helps in staying focused and it could be helpful in leading to improved results from meditation.

Mantra Meditation Techniques – Benefits

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You can meditate in many ways and there is no correct approach to meditation. Some of the benefits of mantra meditation are as follows.

It helps in the increased level of self-awareness

It helps in the reduction of stress and tension from day to day life.

It gives a great sense of calmness to the body.

It helps in increased self-compassion.

It provides a wider and positive outlook of the body.

The increased focus meditation also helps in reducing wandering thoughts. This is especially helpful for the mind tends to wander a lot when one meditates.

The vibration and chanting of the meditational mantra help and enable a meditative state. Deep meditation can be a helpful one in case of removing blocked energy disrupting the well-being of a person.

Technique To Mantra Meditation

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Selecting a mantra of meditation, which can be like a hum, om, Shanti, I am calm, and many more which gives a vibe of relaxation to your body. After this take the following facts.

Get comfortable with the sitting you want. Select the warm and calm place with a mat.

Set a timer you want to go and get the time for meditation.

Start the process with a few deep and deep Breathe with remembering the chants and positive vibes on the body.

Now continue to breathe slow and start chanting the mantra desired.

As you settle down, let the brain guide you furthermore.

Remember to gently redirect the wandering thoughts to powerful vibes.

Within the time desired to meditate, let the timer off and settle down your thoughts and mind and you can feel the positive buildup within you.

Mantra Meditation Techniques – Mala Beads

Mala beads or Japa mala can help in the promotion of mindfulness in meditation and yoga practices. They intend to help you with repetitive chanting of the mantra or chant desired while chanting the Japa. The mala for Japa is a string of 108 beads that can help you help to maintain breathing rhythm during meditation. The focus mantra is good with an add-on Japa mala.


The mantra meditation just like other techniques of meditation has been a proven source of positive vibes and energy inhalation to blocked veins of the mind. You can if starting can take help from yoga and a supportive group for meditation guidance. Meditation is always the best strategy if you would like to reduce stress and keep yourself away from the negativity.

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