Finding Coins To Use During Meditation To Find Spirit Guide

meditation to find spirit guide

People often wonder if they can find Spirit guides through meditation. It is certainly possible to use meditation to find spirit guides or even just improve your own life while trying to learn more about the Spirit world. Here is some information that might help you answer those questions.

Spirit Guides Come In All Forms, Shapes And Sizes

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They can be very close to humans but very far away indeed. You might have a very close encounter with a Spirit Guide while meditating but you will never know it was a Spirit Guide because she will not talk to you, give you visions or give you instructions in any way. You will know it was a Spirit Guide when she says something like “I am watching you” or “I am close.”

Sometimes it is very difficult for us to recognize our own spirit guides during meditation because our physical senses are so very strong. When we are meditating, this is another factor. The physical senses are the ones we use most frequently and they are what guide us to what we need to do most of the time. So, for the most part, we can recognize our own spirit guides through meditation.

Some people have the need to have their own spirit guide meditations. There are many ways to do this. First of all, there are many books on the subject of spirit guides and their meditative experiences. If you want a really simple book, look for something with an introductory chapter on spirit guides and their meditation experiences. There are hundreds of these books and they are usually available from bookstores and from web sites dealing with spirituality and meditation.

Purchase Your Own Meditation Session

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You may decide to purchase your own meditation session either in bookstores or online. Before you purchase your own session, look for a couple of things. First, you should make sure that you get a spirit guide that is suitable to your personality and lifestyle. Different people have different personalities and they often carry a different energy when they are in a meditative state. It is very important that you choose one that is most suited to your own personality because if it isn’t, it won’t help you to meditate properly.

Listen To Your Own Spirit Guides

When choosing a spirit guide, you also need to know how to listen to your own spirit guides during your meditation sessions. This means that you should make sure that you hear what your spirit guide says. Of course, it won’t always be necessary to actually hear what your guide says but it is a great idea to make sure. Ask him questions about your life and what are your goals and what you are trying to accomplish. Your guides can give you some very useful information about finding answers about your life.


For example, a kant (spirit guide) might want to use a piece of coral on your shoulder as protection from the sun, mosquitoes, and other pests. You can also use the image of a turtle to protect yourself from snakes while you are meditating. It all depends on how you want to project your image. For instance, a mosquito can distract you when you are focusing on your spirit guide so you need to project that image rather than the image of a mosquito. The bottom line is that you are looking for an object or image that will help you meditate properly and finding coins is a good way to begin your journey in finding answers.

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