Guided Meditating: Learning How To Meditate

Guided Meditating: Learning How To Meditate

A Guided Meditating can be your guide to getting the best out of your meditation. Some forms of meditation give the full power of a human being to operate on an inner level of consciousness, but some require one to move through a series of exercises or learn other skills to achieve these results.

How To Meditate?

The body or mind will become trained in how to meditate by teaching the natural function of both mind and body when focused. Thus, your training will reach a higher level of accomplishment with the use of Guided Meditation. These practices are often considered an “extension” of your normal meditation practice, and the objective is for you to accomplish some new goals and experiences.

Wu Fa: Guided Meditating

Guided Meditating: Learning How To Meditate
Guided Meditating: Learning How To Meditate

These forms of meditation have been used for thousands of years. One of the ancient Chinese text on meditation is the Wu Fa or the Book of Entrances. The text is comprised of two different sections, the first of which concentrates on the internal practice of meditation and the second one on how to access a higher level of experience and still be in touch with yourself. Both sections are based on the belief that true understanding comes from within and that it is necessary to go through the body as one must go through the horse’s legs to reach the head.

Frog’s Step: Guided Meditating

Guided Meditating: Learning How To Meditate
Guided Meditating: Learning How To Meditate

The ancient Egyptians have referred to Guided Meditation as the ‘Frog’s Step.’ Just as the frog has to reach the water’s surface to breathe, the Bodhisattva must be open to everything as well as reach his or her goal. When the Bodhisattva moves from one level of consciousness to another, he is called a Frog.

Entering Into Guided Meditation: Guided Meditating

There are several ways to enter into Guided Meditation. There are, however, several different types of Guided Meditation. The first is called the Visionary or Psychedelic form of meditation. This is also known as the Light Work type of meditation.

This form of meditation makes use of techniques that have been developed by the Ancient Indians, the early Monks, and Buddhists as well as other mystics of the East. In these methods, a mystic into a state where he or she becomes relaxed and loses self-consciousness.

Eliminating Stress From Body

Self-centered thoughts become banished from his or her mind, and all worries, tensions, and problems are eliminated. So, a mystic leaves the everyday world behind and becomes aware of everything without a doubt. The mystic seems to discover a new level of consciousness and thus becomes in some ways like a computer that has been programmed by a person to do certain things.

Upon reaching the unconscious levels of consciousness, the mystic awakens from this state of being to achieve true spiritual fulfillment. Thus, this type of meditation is sometimes known as the “Unconscious Practice of Insight Meditation.”

Kundalini Kriyas

Another form of Guided Meditation is the Kundalini-Kriyas course offered by the Yogananda Yogic Heritage Foundation. The course features very powerful Kundalini energy channels that lead you into higher states of awareness. The course is for those who want to learn how to step into greater self-realization and spirituality.

Meditation is about learning to be more conscious of your thought processes and how you operate. You are learning to tune into your inner life. However, when you enter into Guided Meditation, you find yourself in a different world.

During the course, you will learn techniques that may include controlling, relaxing, and moving on all levels of your mind, body, and soul. Thus, you can experience the most profound spiritual growth, a form of personal liberation.

Final Words

The “Spiritual Leveling of Consciousness” course and the Welcome to the Inner Earth course. These are two very well known courses in Guided Meditation. They make use of some of the traditional practices to allow the practitioner to ascend to the higher levels of consciousness.

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