Guided Meditation: The Best Way To Start

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Guided Meditation, in a nutshell, is the kind of meditation that is practiced or performed under the guidance of an instructor. This kind of meditation is best for beginners as they get a chance to learn the basics from an expert in the field.

It is, however, not necessary that the guidance is always provided directly to the learner by the expert. The instructions (of the expert) can also be received through other mediums such as voice recordings, video recordings, written texts, (indirect) verbal instructions, etc.

Guided Meditation: The Best Way To Start
Guided Meditation: The Best Way To Start

Why Should Beginners Go For Guided Meditation?

In order to yield good results, one should always start something under the guidance of an expert. This helps in clearing the basic concepts of the learner. On similar lines, meditation should also be started under an expert’s guidance.

You cannot master any practice unless you have a thorough understanding of the same. If you really want to become a sound practitioner of meditation, you must start from the roots.

Moreover, the entire process of meditation involves numerous rules and techniques that the learner needs to comprehend the way they are. Therefore, guidance plays an important role at the beginning of the learning process. In case the learner remains deprived of the right kind of guidance as they begin, the entire (learning) process can go Kaput.

Guided Meditation: The Best Way To Start
Guided Meditation: The Best Way To Start

What Does It Help You Achieve?

  • It helps you understand what meditation is all about.
  • Guided meditation leaves no doubts and queries regarding this practice in your mind.
  • The best part of the guided meditation is the presence of the expert, who leaves none of your questions unanswered.
  • It (guided meditation) will help you determine what you really want to achieve through this practice.

How Does Guided Meditation Work?

This kind of meditation involves an instructor and their student(s). The instructor is usually an expert in the field (of meditation). They keep guiding their trainee(s) throughout the learning sessions. They usually tell their students about:

  • The dynamics of your mind.
  • How your mind should behave while you meditate.
  • The basics of meditation and their logic.
  • A number of meditation styles and techniques.
  • Why meditation is important for humankind.
  • Why you need to meditate every day.

Benefits Of This Kind Of Meditation

There are numerous benefits of guided meditation. Some of them are as follows:

  • You will never have to struggle to learn the basics of meditation.
  • Practicing meditation under an expert’s guidance will never let you learn it the wrong way.
  • You will have a better understanding of all the rules and techniques of this ancient practice.
  • Without a doubt, you will always be better than the self-taught ones.
  • You will get to explore a lot of new traits and techniques of meditation.
  • The right kind of guidance will never let you wander or go off the track.
  • You will be entitled to get the expert’s advice at any time you need it.

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