6 Guided Meditation Tips For Anxiety

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Every once in awhile, you tend to start thinking negatively or get anxious. When things do not go in your favor or when someone has wronged you, it is natural to get angry, frustrated, hopeless, and sad. But being negative or angry regarding someone, your life, your fate, or something will only generate negativity around you. Something that has to happen will happen under any circumstances, so it is always better to enforce positivity in your thoughts. Here are 6 guided meditation tips for anxiety.

Guided meditation tips for anxiety
Guided Meditation Tips for Anxiety

Guided Meditation Tips For Anxiety

Get Conscious of your Thoughts:

There is a popular saying, “Thoughts becomes Things. Choose the Good Ones”. A person who is always negative in his thoughts invites negativity to surround him. A person who thinks positive and happy thoughts invites those thoughts to become things. Try to dismiss all negative thoughts that come in your mind and think positive. This will not happen overnight and you must take it as an exercise of the mind. You can even jot down some affirmative thoughts and place them in a place you can read them several times a day. This is a great practice for the mind.

Meditate Regularly:

Meditation helps you connect with your intuition and a higher power. Meditation is all about clearing your mind and being silent for some time. Practice doing this every day in the early morning. Gradually increase your time. Even if negative thoughts or any thoughts come in your mind, just dismiss them and only focus on your breath.

Get Conscious of the Food you Eat

Food plays a great impact on your thoughts. Eating chemical-laden or processed foods leaves you feeling weaker while organic foods, vegetables, fruits, and nuts leave you feeling healthy and positive. Flour-bases cereals, dairy, and sugary foods have low-vibration and hence should be consumed less. This differs in different people. You need to monitor your own body and the impact of different foods on your system. See how a particular food makes you feel after two hours. It should not make you sick, tired, or fatigued.

Guided Meditation Techniques
Guided Meditation Techniques

Limit Drug or Alcohol Use

If possible, shun these two from your life completely. These are very low vibration substances and force you also to stay in the company of those people who have a low vibration frequency.

Get Conscious of the Kind of Music you Hear

Songs with lyrics of pain, violence, hate, and fear send negative messages to your subconscious and make you feel low, while songs of love, passion, and happiness relax you and make you positive.

Make your Home Environment Positive

You spend maximum time in your home and hence it is necessary that your home environment should have prayers, crystals, rocks, mantras, books, paintings, flowers, plants, and everything that brings in peace, happiness, and prosperity. Invest in Feng Shui products to make your home atmosphere positive.

Finally, Avoid the company of friends and family members who are always negative or depressed. Such energies transfer to you and make you feel low too. Instead, raise your own energy levels by staying with people who have an empowering, positive, ethical, and motivating aura. These are the most effective meditation guided tips for anxiety.

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