How To Create A Sacred Space With Music Bowl

music bowl

A music Bowl is a wonderful way to create sacred space. As the wand moves around the bowl, it creates friction for itself and the bowl, melding them into one vibration that is carried from the womb-like structure and moves into the upper realms. Playing a Singing Bowl is the symbolic union of the male and female energies and represents the ancient vessel and wand-creation, synergy, and balance.

While bowls can be tapped, creating a ringing, the most powerful way to play a bowl is to move the wand around the side of the bowl in a circular motion. Symbolically, the wand moves around a never-ending circle over and overdriving the energies to higher levels. At any place along the circle, creation can occur. It creates. It seals into motion.

Music Bowl

The making of a sacred space begins when playing a Singing Bowl begins. As you make your bowl sing, it takes your intentions, thoughts, and focus and wraps the tones around them, sending them out in the room, raising their vibration, and creating sacred space. As the bowl is played, it cleanses everything within and sends out higher levels of energy into the space. Moving ever outward and pushing back the circle of your sacred space, moving over each object in the room, onward and upward until it reaches infinite dimensions.

As the energy spirals about the room, it creates a Torus Field-a Worm Hole (also known as Portals) where-by Spirit Guides and Angels are guided into that space. The singing of a bowl is like lighting a great beacon fire on a hillside, only it burns brightly in the astral realms, announcing that you are creating Sacred Space and asking for others to step in. As the energy of Angels, Spirit Guides, God, Goddess, even Archetypes is added, it becomes an even higher level Sacred Space.

Important Factors 

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In turn, the bowl begins to vibrate within your own cellular structure, moving toxins and other undesirable energy out into the aura where the sound waves manipulate it more easily, and your body becomes a Sacred Space. Your duality of being balances and sends a message that you are entering a deeper state of consciousness and are ready to work with these beings, whether consciously or in a trance.

While Singing Bowls create beautiful sounds, they are much more than an instrument. They are a powerful musical prayer that is the beginning of creating sacred space. With regular use, you will establish a higher vibration that sustains itself and provides you with a protected, highly energized space in which to work.

Bottom Line

There are several methods present for mind relaxation, and the music bowl is one of them. In ancient times, such a music bowl was made with metal, but now we can find the rock-crystal bowl, which is also a music bowl. However, these are very effective and good for a peaceful mind. Hence, you can purchase a music bowl for your meditation

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