Importance Of Guided Meditation For Spirit Guide

guided meditation for spirit guide

We all possess spirit guides, spiritual beings of the utmost truth, to guide our thoughts and energy back to love. These guides are non-physical. They are not bound by any natural laws. They have different forms and purposes. But the only similarity among them is that they guide us back to the universe of love and positive energy. Here is the exact guided meditation for spirit guide which may give you positive guidance in every genre of your life.

Relate To Your Spirit Guide

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The guided meditation for spirit guide helps us back into alignment with the universe of love and prosperity. If you ever get stuck in frightening thoughts or dreams, your spirit guides take leadership to bring you back to love. Their presence can give you unshakable strength and belief in yourself.

The Process Of Spirit Guides Meditation

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You should have a journal handy at first. You have to write freely in this to let the guidance you have received come forth. Then you need to find a tranquil and comfortable place where you can meditate peacefully. Now you have to sit up straight in a chair and make sure that your feet are planted on the floor. You can receive more guidance only when you are perfectly aligned. And if you are ready now, you can press play and follow the guidance of your guide.

Free-Writing Exercise At The End

You have to open that journal after finishing your guided meditation for spirit guide. You should thank the spirit guides and write a note regarding that at the top of the page. Then write freely for a minimum of 4 minutes and let your pen flow on the page. You shouldn’t guess anything or edit any line that will come through it. Then take some time to wrap up whatever you have written down. Now take a deep breath of gratitude and appreciation.

Experiencing Your Spirit Guide

There are several ways of experiencing your spirit guides once you start guided meditation for spirit guide. You can feel them as an inner knowing. You can sense the presence of your spirit guide or hear a voice from within like a positive intuition. Their presence can often be indicated through the sparks of light. Even sometimes if your books fell off the shelf, you may feel them.

Bottom Lines

Hopefully this description will be helpful for you to know the benefits of guided meditation for spirit guide. You should give yourself a few minutes to connect with your spirit guides through it. You are allowed to call on your guide at any moment through this meditation. So get ready!

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