Improve Your Meditation Practice With Body Scan

Improve Your Meditation Practice With Body Scan

Mindfulness meditation aims to focus on one’s body as one’s vehicle of thought. The use of a body scan in this practice is a very useful tool for attaining awareness. The mind can only be seen through the mirror of the body. The body has been portrayed as something for the observer to observe; it serves as a reflection of the observer’s experience.

State Of Awareness

So, if we are meditating to enter a state of awareness, then we can take the same attitude and look at our body as the instrument we are using. The meditation body scan is a method for attaining a subjective, introspective view of our inner-being. Our self-consciousness allows us to see the hidden layers of our layers, which is usually shielded by our subconscious.

Improve Your Meditation Practice With Body Scan

Consciousness: Meditation Practice

When we examine our inner workings, we usually tend to draw the line between consciousness and subconsciousness. Consciousness defines what we perceive, and it is about perception. On the other hand, consciousness and subconscious reflect the things that do not necessarily appear on our physical surface, but they exist as a part of our nature.

Multi-Dimensional: Meditation Practice

The outer physical form is about much more than merely keeping us alive. We tend to believe that we are an organism that is one-dimensional and survives by feeding itself. In reality, we are multi-dimensional, and our physical form is but a mere reflection of that since it is a mere product of our spiritual growth.

Physical Form’s: Meditation Practice

When we are aware of our physical form’s outer aspects, we can clearly see the interconnectedness of every other part of the body. A good way to achieve this is through a body scan.

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation for body scan requires you to focus your awareness on the subtle levels of your body. When this is achieved, a medium of communication opens up between the conscious and the subconscious. Your thoughts come to you, and when you feel comfortable with what they bring you, you may accept it without resisting it.

Integrate Your Consciousness

Body scan allows you to integrate your consciousness into the physical form. You get to see the world from the viewpoint of your body. You become what you think about yourself.

Think About Yourself

Mindfulness meditation for body scan provides a moment to be quiet and still for yourself, and to feel your body. When you become quiet and still, you will be forced to remove all thoughts about yourself and your life. You will not feel the stress that accompanies thinking about yourself.

Burden Your Conscious Mind

By using body scans during meditation, you can access the silent power of your body. The meditation can let go of the many burdens of the conscious mind. As a result, you can quiet the voices in your head that say, “I should do this, I should do that.”

Reach A Quiet Place

A simple meditation body scan can be used to go back into the place where thoughts originate. One way to help you reach a quiet place is to listen to your heartbeat. When you know that you are alive, you may be able to fully accept that you have a body, and are breathing.

Mindfulness meditation practice
Improve Your Meditation Practice With Body Scan

Mental Image: Meditation Practice

A body scan does not require that you imagine that you are dead or that you are nothing. It requires you to realize that you are present and that you exist as part of a whole. There is a mental image of your body that you can take with you when you meditate, but this mental image will not last when you are fully awake.

Bottom Line

In a meditation body scan, the body takes its rightful place in your mind. When you get to see your body in its true form, you will understand that there is no separate self. Therefore, the body scan is a skill that is available to anyone who wishes to learn it.

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