Irest Yoga Nidra Meditation – IRE Shows How To Apply The Techniques Of Yoga Nidra

irest yoga nidra meditation

In this article I want to share with you my opinion about IRESMA meditation with NIDRA. NIDRA is an ancient form of Yoga that has been around since the 1920s. It focuses on breathing and controlling your body, which in turn creates a much deeper meditative state than regular Yoga. In this article I want to explain how I like to use NIDRA for its guided practice.

Irest Yoga Nidra Meditation

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When you decide to practice Yoga it’s essential nature is to attain personal well-being. This should be your primary goal because a well-being in itself is a state of physical, mental and emotional well being. For some people this goal can be achieved much easier through other forms of exercise or workout, but for those who are more particular with achieving a sense of spiritual well-being, Yoga is the best way to go. NIDRA is all about connecting with your essential nature. Your essential nature is your pure energy field or chakras. When you meditate using NIDRA you are able to bring these chakras to a state of unity and tranquility by using a form of yogic meditation known as Ujjayi.

As you start to learn and practice more about Ujjayi, you will understand how meditation helps to heal your body and mind. You will also begin to see the therapeutic effects that daily life has on the health and well-being of the individual. So how does NIDRA help with your chronic pain? And what do you need to do to start taking the necessary steps to incorporate this important part of your life into your daily life?

Key Benefits Of Practicing The NIDRA Protocol

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Many people suffer from chronic pain, especially if they have suffered injuries. This is often caused by stress and tension related to everyday life. When you meditate using the NIDRA arousal protocol you will be able to heal and integrate the important parts of your body through the various stages of your body awakening. You can use each stage of the body awakening as a tool to work through your unresolved issues. For example, you can use stage one to work through the trauma that is causing your pain and use stage two as a way of working through any other unresolved issues in your life.

One of the key benefits of practicing the NIDRA protocol is the fact that it is an all natural, safe process that is easy to get started with and very easy to maintain. Unlike many types of meditation and relaxation techniques, you don’t need to go through years of training and practice to become skilled at NIDRA. The basic guidelines for performing this ancient art are simple. You should choose a comfortable chair and be focused while sitting comfortably. The initial stages of this type of meditation will not require you to perform controlled movements. However, as you gain practice you will be able to master the movements of your body and will be able to continue your meditation while remaining immobile.

Quality Books DVDs Available To Help You Get Started

In addition to the NIDRA technique, there are a number of other important tools that you will need for your yoga nidra practice. Since NIDRA meditation uses controlled breathing, it is very important that you have the proper breathing skills for this practice. You will also need to invest in a quality book that explains the various aspects of NIDRA. There are also many DVDs available to help you get started. These DVDs will provide you with step by step instructions and suggestions as you begin your own meditation practice.

There are a number of benefits associated with practicing the NIDRA technique with the help of an integrated system of therapies such as the NIDRA meditation and relaxation CD program. By learning how to utilize these tools properly, you will be able to enjoy many benefits from your yoga nidra sessions. However, it is important that you remember that the effects of integrating these three tools are not additive, but synergistic. When you use these tools in conjunction with each other, you will be able to achieve much greater results than you would have been able to obtain if you had not combined them.


As you can see, integrating these three important components of the ancient practice of NIDRA meditation will allow you to experience much greater benefits than you could have imagined. If you are looking for a way to increase your overall health and wellness, you will want to add the use of the powerful techniques of NIDRA to your daily routine. In fact, you may find that NIDRA will enhance the benefits that you have already seen and will lead you down a new path in your health and recovery. It is possible that the use of NIDRA as part of your health and healing protocol can even lead you down a path of achieving total wellness. It is important to remember, however, that this goal requires the consistent application of NIDRA protocols in order to be achieved.

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