Kundalini Meditation For Depression – Music Can Help Bring About Happiness

kundalini meditation for depression

For those who may not know, there is a Kundalini meditation for depression as well. These sessions deal with awakening this powerful force. The term kundalini means “that which rises” in Hindi. The awakening of this energy is associated with enlightenment. It is said to be the third eye or third mind that awakens through the meditation of yoga. Therefore, kundalini meditation is quite different from other forms of mediation and is not only for depressed people.

Music is used during any type of kundalini meditation for depression to assist in moving deeper into the meditative state. Since it is believed that sounds help our brains relax, it makes sense that the tones and beats of certain meditation music should also aid the brain in relaxation. A good example is a choir song or gong song-style meditation music.

Kundalini Meditation For Depression

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One popular form of chakra meditation is Binaural meditation. This involves binaural beats of different frequencies, each contributing to a different chakra. The more of these beats a person hears, the closer they will become to the main chakra at the base of the skull. The main drawback of this type of binaural sound therapy is that the person must listen to the music while stationary.

Chakra Meditation

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Another way to reach the main chakra is through Kundalini Reiki. However, this requires an ongoing practice of walking with the intention of contacting and touching one’s kundalini. In other words, kundalini reiki is meant to heal by contact. Achieving this state can lead one directly to their chakras.

Music is another component of most types of meditation. Soothing music helps many people relax their minds during meditation. While there is usually some degree of synchronization, the purpose of the music is more to provide relief from stress than meditative elements.

Some forms of meditation include mantras, which are repeated verbal affirmations. Repeating mantras can help train the mind to concentrate on the mantra as the source of calm. Music is another aspect of chakra meditation. In Eastern music, specifically Shastra music, the tune, and melody are meant to assist in reaching the ultimate goal. This objective may be attaining higher levels of spiritual consciousness or curing a disease.

Chakra System

As the chakra system grows from one level to the next, music can become even more important as a general rule; the deeper the tune, the better. However, this is not always true, and some songs can have the opposite effect. Kundalini depression can also be brought about by too-loud music, so it is important to pick a tempo that does not drive the listener into a frenzy but rather enables him or her to relax.

One way to help bring about a state of harmony and tranquility, as well as to relieve the symptoms of depression, is to listen to instrumental or ambient music. The background noise or lack of it can be a distraction from meditation and allow the mind to wander. However, by using music to help with these feelings of depression, the process can become less invasive and much easier to deal with. Music can also help to keep you focused on reaching your goal, whether that goal is reaching enlightenment or feeling better.

In addition, music can help bring about a state of peacefulness. This is a great asset to meditation, and it can be used in conjunction with a guided meditation, which features an instructor. Guided meditations are designed to help a person reach a deep sense of relaxation and have them meditate by themselves. However, people who wish to meditate alone cannot do so without the help of an instructor. With the use of ambient or instrumental music, however, one can learn how to meditate by themselves without the guidance of an instructor without having to go through the initial process of learning how to meditate alone.

Final Component

The final component that music can play in helping to bring about happiness through Kundalini meditation is that it can calm the mind. It is often said that music can help us let go of the things that don’t need to stay present. For those who are dealing with depression, losing control over their emotional state can be extremely difficult. However, music can help a person take their mind off of these unwelcome feelings by making it more peaceful and relaxing. When the mind becomes more relaxed, it can better respond to outside stimuli and relieve the symptoms associated with depression.

Bottom Line

All of these aspects of music and meditation can help bring about feelings of joy, peace, tranquility, and well-being. These are the positive feelings that can help someone overcome the negative aspects of depression and allow them to move forward. Anyone can meditate, regardless of how advanced or novice they may feel. However, it can be much easier for those who are depressed to meditate because they already have a bit of practice, and oftentimes their depression has lessened or disappeared. Anyone who finds that they have reached a point in their life where they are not happy should give serious consideration to trying meditation and music therapy.

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