Learn How To Master The Technique Of Healing Light Meditation To Receive An Ultimate Happiness

healing light meditation

Are you going through some mental stress? Do you feel that you are struggling to know yourself? Then without any doubt, meditation is the best way to get to know your inner self. Science has already proven the benefits of healing light meditation for total rejuvenation, revitalization, and transformation. It is the form of intense meditation practice that helps you to experience and enjoy your natural healing capacity and maximize wellness potential. Regular practicing of healing light meditation allows you to know the true form of your spirit, soul, and inner self. So it not only improves your spiritual health but helps to bring balance in mental and emotional health too. Do you want to practice it and wanna know more? Then keep reading our article.

Steps To Practice Healing Light Meditation 

Initial Steps Of Healing Light Meditation

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Sit in a completely upright position. Keep your spine, back, and neck straight, forming a line at a quiet place.

If you wish, Play some white beats and soft music to involve in deep healing light meditation in the background.

Allow both your hands to rest on the thighs with the tips of your thumb and middle fingers in touch.

Slowly Close both your eyes and take ten deep breaths where you inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth.

While you inhale through your nose, feel the air filling in your chest along with serenity and peace of healing light meditation.

Final Steps Of Healing Light Meditation 

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During exhalation, feel like you are expelling all your negative emotions like stress, anxiety, worries.

Do these five more rounds of healing light meditation and while Keeping your eyes closed, try to visualize the pale blue light atop your head.

Feel the warmth spreading, into your body, right through your head.

Allow it to be low in a clockwise direction, letting the light cleanse your brain completely. Do this until you feel light with healing light meditation.

Allow this light to flow into your Ajna chakra and slowly down through all chakras.

Feel the swoosh, swirl, and clean through healing light meditation in a very vigorous way. Allow cleaning until you feel completely light and recharged.

Now, visualize it to travel swiftly into your thighs, down the calves, and finally into your toes.

Imagine a light going back to head, leaving you calm and relaxed through healing light meditation.

Bring your hands together at the chest level and form in Namaskar Mudra.

Rub your palms vigorously and Place them on the closed eyes.

Slowly open your eyes, feel relaxed, refreshed, and positive, and your healing light meditation session is complete. Begin with 10 minutes a day, slowly increasing the duration to 30 minutes.


Regular practice of healing light meditation helps you to better understand the true form of your spirit, soul, and inner self. You can reach a higher state of solace; your anger and emotions will be under your control. Healing light meditation will be your companion in achieving the feeling of oneness, enjoying a new sense of purification and enlightenment.

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