Let’s Meet Your Guide To Meditation And Better Living

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A practice that finds its roots deep within the ancient Indian culture, meditation is the art of thinking deeply or focusing one’s mind and energy for a time period. It is practised all over the world with people of various religion, race and ethnicity embracing it to the fullest. 

Types Of Meditation

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There are nine types of meditation. They’re as follows :

Mindfulness meditation : here, you learn how to combine awareness with concentration and pay attention to your thoughts as they pass through your mind without judging any of them. It can be easily performed and doesn’t require a teacher. 

Spiritual Meditation : Best performed by the people interested in Spiritual growth, this is usually observed in places of worship. You learn to seek a deeper connection with God and the supreme deity and become more in peace with yourself.

Focused Meditation : It can be achieved by learning to concentrate any one of their five senses. It can prove to be a daunting task for beginners and they’ll find their attention waning pretty soon, but their skills will grow through patient practice. Using a mala bead or staring into the candle flame can be used to practice this meditation.

Movement Meditation : It’s a type of meditation where you let your movement guide you. It’s a very effective form of meditation for dynamic people who find peace in movement.

Mantra Meditation : It’s a type of meditation where you repeat a word or mantra like the most popular “om”. It’s also easier to focus on a particular word and can be suggested to beginners.

Transcendental Meditation : Subject to much speculation in the scientific community, this is more customizable and depends on the practitioner to perform it as they choose to.

Progressive Meditation : It’s a practice that helps in reducing body tension and relaxing the body. It is performed by slowly contracting a particular muscle group in the body and then relaxing it.

Loving – Kindness Meditation : It’s a practice to increase your emotional capabilities and develop your ability to empathise and be kind towards others. It’s really beneficial for people with anger management issues and helps them in controlling their anger.

Visualization Meditation : It’s a practice to help one relax by visualizing their happy place or positive thoughts and scenarios. It’s also a form of manifestation and might help in achieving certain goals by increasing focus and motivation.

How to start Meditating?

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Here a few steps for you to follow to start Meditating :

Start by selecting a form of meditation out of the above nine which you feel you’ll be the most comfortable in and you’ll be able to perform easily.

Sit down to meditate. Start with small amounts of time like 5-10 minutes and steadily increase the timespan.

The hardest thing to do is to continue these meditation sessions everyday, but once you start doing it, it’ll definitely change your life.

If you don’t feel confident in doing this on your own, you can certainly look up yoga instructors near you.

Benefits of Meditating 

It’s known to help people who suffer from chronic illnesses.

People suffering from depression and anxiety have also found some relief in meditation.

It helps in lowering blood pressure and thus is beneficial for people suffering from heart diseases.

It also has been found to help people who have trouble sleeping.

It also has been observed to reduce pain in some sort of illnesses through regular practice.

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