Meditation For Kids: How It Makes Them Jollier And Livelier

Meditation For Kids: How It Makes Them Jollier And Livelier

Meditation for kids is one of the best ways to keep your children from any kind of physical as well as mental strain. It is needless to mention that even kids do not have an easy lifestyle in the present-day world. They have to face many challenges and complexities every day. From academic stress to high parental demands, kids have to tackle a great deal of hustle in their day-to-day life.

Keeping in mind the age of these kids, that’s a lot of stress they take. Moreover, meditation for kids is something that won’t let ‘this stress’ cause harm to their physical as well as mental health.

Meditation For Kids: How It Makes Them Jollier And Livelier
Meditation For Kids: How It Makes Them Jollier And Livelier

How Does Meditation For Kids Work?

Who does not want their kids to stay healthy and happy? But, is that really possible in the present-day world? How can their mental and physical health remain intact after taking so much stress?

The answer is that it’s possible through meditation (for kids). You must teach meditation to your kids in order to make them ‘hale and hearty’ from inside.

Following are some benefits of meditation for kids:

  • Meditation busts all the stress taking shelter into your child’s mind.
  • It makes them feel healthier as well as livelier from inside.
  • Meditation for kids enhances their focus and concentration power.
  • Also, it fosters compassion and self-regard in kids.
  • Meditation boosts the intelligence, creativity, and confidence of your child.
  • It makes them more empathetic as well as considerate.
  • Overall, regular meditation practice can make your child healthier, happier and sharper.

Mindfulness-Based Meditation: The Best Start For Kids

You should, first of all, teach your offspring the mindfulness-based meditation. Not only because it is one of the basics of the meditation practice, but also because it is easily comprehensible. So, your kid/s will grasp this technique of meditation with ease.

Mindfulness-based meditation involves the following steps:

  • First of all, ask your kid/s to make themselves comfortable at the place where they are going to practice meditation.
  • Now, ask them to get in position by sitting cross-legged on the floor (or a mat). They can also choose to sit on a chair in an upright position.
  • Once they (the kids) are seated in the right position, ask them to follow the breath or focus on it.
  • Ask them to ignore all the thoughts crossing their mind and rather keep focusing on their breaths.
  • Let them be engaged in this practice for at least 10 minutes.
  • Thereafter, give them a break and inquire about their experience and how they feel.
  • Tell them where they were making mistakes (if any).
  • Make your kids do it every day and see the difference in their personalities.

Other Things You Should Teach Your Kids For Their Betterment

  • Apart from meditation, you should also try teaching your kids to stay calm and patient in every situation.
  • You should teach them compassion as well as the ethics of humanity.
  • Always keep in mind that you are the first ‘role model’ for your kids. So, never do something (especially in their presence) that can leave a negative impact on their mind or personality.

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