Meditation Spiritual Guide To Connect With Your Spirit Guide

Meditation Spiritual Guide To Connect With Your Spirit Guide

Psychics are of the opinion that everybody has a Meditation Spiritual Guide. Some call them guardian angels; they watch over us and help us do the right things.

However, one may not realize that guardian angels are present but there is always a feeling that something is watching over them. What makes one go in a certain direction and not the other one? What makes one make certain decisions and not others?

One still has their free will and the decision is always up to them however, there is a voice at the back of their minds that whispers to them. This is what people term as the spiritual guide who is there to keep an eye on them.

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How can one connect with their guide and even ask them a question? There are suggestions that Meditation Spiritual Guide claim can help and one is meditation. This is done by being in a quiet and friendly place that is free from one’s busy everyday life. There the person can play gentle music, burn scented candles and relax. It is important to steer clear of invigorating candles as they might prevent one from getting relaxed. One should lie back and take deep breaths making sure to turn off all surrounding noises such as mobile phones, radio or even television.

Various people suggest that one’s next step is to start by praying where they ask for direction and for safety. As one draws each breathe, they must let themselves float away and feel all tension leaving their bodies which helps them stay completely relaxed and also very peaceful, their minds completely calm. One should have a picturesque vision of them covered in gold and surrounded by very powerful energy, letting it get bigger with every breath letting all the negative thoughts go.

Then think of meeting your spirit guide at a place that is peaceful and safe. Visualize how you want your guide to appear then ask them the questions. Their responses might take days to come to you from your subconscious to the conscious mind. Awaken gently and ensure to say thank you and goodbye to your guides for their help and time.


Meditating correctly is not complicated. Since it is a simple technique, the positive psychological effects grow gradually and get stronger with time. This improves the mental and emotional health of the mediator with each session. Thus, creating room for success in one’s life by getting rid of mental clutter.

By questioning your stressed thoughts, you can discover that they have no real power. Without stressful thoughts, your mind can freely create harmony and peace in all your relationships. By releasing stressful thoughts through a Meditation Spiritual Guide, your mind can make decisions faster than ever.

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