Meditation Techniques For Kids – Teach Kids The Basics Of Meditation Early

meditation techniques for kids

Children live a carefree and stress-less life, but not every time. Children also feel stressed from different things. Therefore, it becomes important for them to start meditating to keep their mind healthy. Taking care of the mind is as crucial as the body. Introducing children to meditation in early stages can help to take care of their mind, sleeping routine and can limit their screen time. It will help them to be calm and composed even in difficult situations. 

Meditation Techniques For Kids

There are many Meditation Techniques For Kids. One way is the candle gazing technique. In a dark room, light a candle and make them focus on the flame. It will help them to improve their memorization and attention skills. Introduce bell meditation to your children. Make your child sit with crossed legs, close eyes, and ask them to explore the sound. It will help them to improve their hearing senses and enhance calmness and peace. Guided relaxation helps to relax certain body parts. Make your child sit crossed-legged and make them touch their right foot while keeping their eyes closed. Let the child hold and squeeze the feet and release tension and relax. Other techniques include cloud gazing, nature trips, yoga classes, reciting chants and mantras, etc. 

Meditation Techniques For Kids – Teaching Toddlers And Preschoolers To Meditate

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If children are taught meditation at an early age, then they will be used to it and will make it their daily routine. To make a toddler or preschooler mediate, make him sit in a comfortable position. Then teach them to connect to their bodies and then tell them the benefits of practicing meditation. One easy meditation technique is breathing. Soothing breathing is the basic way to release stress and to ensure mental clarity. To help them do it, make your children close their eyes and imagine a balloon in their tummy. Make them fill it in five counts through the nose. Once they have breathed deeply, let them hold it for three seconds and then ask them to release it slowly. 

Meditation Techniques For Kids – Benefits Of Meditation

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Meditation can help children calm their bodies and mind. It also ensures better sleep, improves self-esteem, reduces anxiety, increases attention span, helps to focus on study, and reduces stress. It also helps children to express and manage unwanted emotions in a socially acceptable manner. 


It is important to teach your child about meditation in the early stages because as we can already see, stress and anxiety has become a problem for even teenagers and every trial is prone to face difficulties like these once they attain a particular age. On the other hand, there is always a lack of awareness about children experiencing Mental Health patients. Starting to learn meditation techniques in the early stage will be of help to them. Thus, there are many Meditation Techniques For Kids. These meditation techniques should be introduced to them in the early years as it has many benefits which will help them in later years. 

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