Meditation Tools That Help You Find Your Inner Self

Meditation Tools That Help You Find Your Inner Self

Meditation is one of the fascinating ways to connect with our spiritual essence. Yet, for many people, it is a practice that is dismissed or misunderstood. I’m going to help you clear up any confusion and show you how to start a meditation routine in your own home. Meditation tools are not about chanting the names of ancient saints and so on, nor about sitting in some little corner and chanting and re-chanting the words of holy scripture. Meditation is about just that – exploring your inner being.

Don’t take it personally if the meditation experience is going well on the right side of the meditative spectrum and not on the left. While you may be working on your inner self, the meditator is no longer there. That’s OK. The conscious mind still directs the practice, even when you’re not there.

Meditation Is A Deliberate Act: Meditation Tools

The most important fact about meditation is that it is a deliberate act, done as a conscious effort. Therefore, the underlying belief is that your thoughts have a great deal to do with how you respond to that effort. This principle applies to your body as well as your mind.

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Meditation Tools That Help You Find Your Inner Self

If you’re working your physical effort with something like visualization, it doesn’t matter what you think of. You may find that the reality that comes up is all too real. What matters is that you are ready to respond to the result.

When it’s time to switch from the effort of meditation to the results, use your awareness to drop out of it. You may think that your mind has the mind-set of time-travel. You might be surprised at how good you feel.

Focusing On Your Mind: Meditation Tools

The cool thing about meditation is that it is not focused on your mind. It is something that you focus on and use as a tool. As an analogy, some of the meditation tools are different from others. But they all operate by providing you with a structured way to open up to the unconscious.

One popular meditation tool is called a body scan. Its goal is to make you notice each part of your body and see that it operates at a deeper level. It is not just superficial physiology.

Most people start by trying to focus on the outer, physical aspects of their minds. Like many people, we often need to remember that the mind cannot resist a good story. A body scan is a good way to remind yourself that the mind has a lot to do with how you respond to meditation.

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Meditation Tools That Help You Find Your Inner Self

Getting Lost In Thought: Meditation Tools

As you continue the meditation, you may get a little lost in thought and then realize that it is an important touchpoint. Again, this is one of the meditators’ methods. Your mind isn’t running the program.

Finally, the actual meditation program doesn’t matter. However, you may find that the result of your practice is the realization that your body and mind were put together as one entity, and that your mind is just one part of the total.

Final Words

This is the most effective way to start any meditation program. Even though you are not there, you are there because of the unconscious mind that keeps you there.

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