Om Meditation: How It Soothes Your Distressed Mind

Om Meditation: How It Soothes Your Distressed Mind

Om (also pronounced as “Aum”) meditation is a method of meditation that involves the chant of the word “Om” as its centerpiece. Moreover, Om – an ancient mystical syllable – is considered one of the holiest mantras in some Asian religions including Tibetan Buddhism and Hinduism.

Om meditation is one of the simplest and most effective remedies for excessive stress, anxiety or restlessness. It is easy to practice and has a number of health benefits.

Where Has The Syllable ‘Om’ Come From?

Om Meditation: How It Soothes Your Distressed Mind
Om Meditation: How It Soothes Your Distressed Mind

According to numerous renowned historians and researchers, the first mention of the syllable ‘Om’ or ‘Aum’ was witnessed in the ancient Sanskrit texts – Upanishads – an important part of the Vedas with spiritual and religious teachings.

Some other (related) information is as follows:

  • The Upanishads, where the word ‘Om’ has come from, contain the basic ideas of the Indian religion, Hinduism.
  • The texts of the Upanishads also share some of its ideas and teachings with other Indian religions including Jainism and Buddhism.
  • Based on the Vedanta philosophy, these texts (Upanishads) were one of the key players in the development of spirituality and mysticism in ancient India.
  • In the religion of Hinduism, ‘Om’ is considered a “sacred sound” as well as a spiritual symbol.
  • Om is usually referred to as a “divine sound.”
  • According to Hindu scriptures and teachings, Om is a sound that exists everywhere in this universe; in every person, every word, every being, everything.
  • Some techniques and methods of Yoga also involve the chant of Om.
  • In accordance with the Sanskrit language, Om has technically three syllables in total. Each one of them has its own importance at the time of chanting.

How To Start Practicing The Om Meditation?

Om meditation is very similar to mindfulness-based meditation. Apart from the chant of Om, the two methods have barely any differences.

Furthermore, if you are looking to start practicing this method of meditation, you must follow these steps:

  • In case you are looking forward to practicing it (Om meditation) on a regular basis, first of all, you must fix a time (of the day) for it.
  • Decide on how long you will practice it every day.
  • Choose a place that is clean and silent.
  • Sit comfortably (preferably) on the floor with your legs crossed. You can also choose to sit on your bed or maybe on a chair.
  • Start doing it like simple meditation. Follow your breath; eliminate all the thoughts crossing your mind.
  • Now start chanting the sound of Om and keep doing it for as much time as you’ve decided.
  • It is totally your call to chant it silently or aloud.
Om Meditation: How It Soothes Your Distressed Mind
Om Meditation: How It Soothes Your Distressed Mind

How Does This Technique Of Meditation Help You?

  • The chant of Om can bring peace to your soul as well as the mind.
  • It busts all your stress and makes you feel fresh.
  • If practiced on a regular basis, the Om meditation can effectively deal with a lot of your health issues.
  • It helps in regulating your negative thoughts as well as intense feelings.
  • Regular practice of Om meditation can make you a better person and that’s not a make-believe statement for sure. You can try and test it at any time!
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