Practice Mindfulness In Your Marriage

Practice Mindfulness In Your Marriage

In a recent article, I discuss how to practice mindfulness in all areas of your life. As it relates to marriage, you should be mindful of your marriage. Not just as the caretaker for your children, but also as the head of the household.

Practicing Gratitude

When you’re mindful of your marriage, you are practicing gratitude for your life experiences. I write about life experiences and what I’ve experienced and how to get started. I teach what it means to be grateful for what you have and what you are grateful for. Also, I write about loving-kindness and what gratitude is.

Practice Mindfulness In Your Marriage

Wonderful Person

The practice of gratitude and living in the present moment, focus on your marriage. Why is it that my husband and I, when we walk through the door to the morning, smile to ourselves, thank God for everything, the wonderful family we have, the amazing children, and the wonderful person we are.

Body React: Practice Mindfulness

This allows us to know and acknowledge our body reacts. We can then respond from within our heart to attract more of that same outcome.

Accelerates And Overtakes

It’s like you drive a car in neutral, going on a road that you know pretty well. And, as you go along, your car will have more power, until eventually it accelerates and overtakes you. Until finally, you go off the road, and you fly into the air.

That is the whole process of living with each other. Your spouse will travel around with you. It’s a slow process, but it’s a great ride.

Defensive: Practice Mindfulness

In the same way, it’s necessary to get to know each other. You need to know your partner and what makes them tick. This allows you to share in the ups and downs of your spouse, without becoming defensive.

Different Marriage

Every marriage is different. Each partner is unique. This allows for better growth and better marriage and to experience something of joy together. It can be so exciting when you understand and appreciate one another, and you become comfortable with one another.

Happiness And Fulfillment

When you practice mindfulness in your marriage, you will do more of what will bring happiness and fulfillment. Living in the moment is one thing. Having an attitude that all is well, is another. Living with gratitude is the third thing.

Practice: Practice Mindfulness

Practice these things, in all areas of your life. As you connect to your heart, you will feel the same sense of great happiness and fulfillment. The happy couple that I spoke about in the article has made it work.

Greatful And Practice Mindfulness
Practice Mindfulness In Your Marriage

Inviting For Dinner

If you have children, and your in-laws come to visit, or perhaps your in-laws are inviting you for dinner, take time to practice gratitude for your children. Go ahead and do it! But remember to remember yourself first. Love is all that matters.

Bottom Line

Being mindful of your wedding is the key to experiencing all the joy of the happiest day. Your wedding is so important, and it’s a wonderful day. Be thankful for all of the great things that happened. Be thankful for the things that are coming.

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