Reiki Healing Meditation Tips For Releasing Negativity And Other Human Flaws

reiki healing meditation

Want to recharge your body with reiki healing meditation? Or want to have the experience of reiki meditation?

The universal truth of Reiki transfers peace within us, which is fruitful for our body and mind. Chakras are the wheels of energy, which carry an outstanding liability to emerge in our energy to keep organs’ functioning at an optimal level.

Thus, meditation with these energy centers and energies that with Reiki will heal all your problems and open the doors of mindfulness, serenity, and peace.

What is Reiki?

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Reiki is a unique method that involves using your hands in restoring life energies in the body through physical and mental healing.

Reiki is a naturally devised system named by Mikao Usui- a Japanese Buddhist monk in the 1920s.

What Is Reiki Healing Meditation?

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Reiki healing meditation is a natural healing process through which you can experience a quiet mind and silence. Similarly, it also involves various mantras and symbols to energies your meditation experience.

Reiki Healing Meditation Techniques

1. Cleansing The System

Sit or lie down on a mat comfortably and keep your back straight.

Try to remain relaxed and take a deep breath.

Imagine as you are inhaling all the joyous and goodness that you require and exhale brooding over all the negative thoughts and emotions such as fear, anxiety, depression are flushing out from your body.

Repeat this process couple of times and examine how your body and mind relax.

2. Chakra Forces: Reiki Healing Meditation

In our body, seven chakras are present there, starting from the spine to the top of the head, referred to as body energy centers.

Place your hand at the front side of your body at the chakra area, hold yourself at each position for a minute, or depend on your body’s need.

3. Healing Through Hands: Reiki Healing Meditation

In Reiki healing meditation, healing through hands is more important.

Place both of your arms together on your head. Hold your hands and listen to your body with attention.

Then place both of your hands on the forehead and after that at the backside of the head. Hold it and relax.

Next is, go down to the throat level and keep your one hand on it. And the other hand at the backside of the neck. Hold it and relax.

Place your hands on the forehead and then at the back of your head. Next, go down to the throat and put one hand gently on it and the other on the back of your neck. Hold it for some time and relax.

4. Final Thought: Reiki Healing Meditation

Get back both of your hands in the position of prayers and keep them at the chest level.

Sit down and keep your spine and body straight and taut.

Breathe normally and take the feel of running energy through your body.

Repeat this activity for about 3 to 5 minutes till you need it.

The Reiki healing process becomes complete when you feel energized and ignited.

Conclusion On Reiki Healing Meditation

Reiki healing meditation has many benefits, such as bringing clarity of thoughts, increasing your visualization & perception, and removing energy block from your body.

Start performing Reiki healing meditation from now onwards and add happiness and colors in your dull life!

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