Reiki Music: Boost The Flow Of Reiki With Music

Reiki Music- Boost The Flow Of Reiki With Music

We’ve all heard a lot of buzz around Reiki healing in today’s world of integrated medicare. However, there’s still some doubt about what it really is. Holistic health practitioners describe Reiki as a Japanese technique of stress reduction and relaxation. So, how can you reap the benefits of Reiki without expert (often expensive) help? You certainly can, just make a beeline for Reiki music.

What Is Reiki Healing?

Reiki Music- Boost The Flow Of Reiki With Music
Boost The Flow Of Reiki With Music

Reiki (or energy healing), is a kind of therapeutic healing where the practitioner uses their palm to channelize healing energy from their body to someone else’s. According to Shinto tradition, Reiki (the force) is a universal constant and anybody can become a vessel of healing energy. Above all, It intends to balance, cleanse, bring physical and emotional well-being and rejuvenate a person’s internal energy.  

Consequently, Reiki is usually a hands-on approach to healing, quite literally, it is important to understand that the dogma associated with distant treatments is merely in the patient’s mind. While some embrace it, some are left scratching their heads. “Harmony via music” might seem like an elusive idea but it is surely a therapy worth experiencing. Now that we’ve finally established how Reiki works, let’s jump right into Reiki music.  

Pick Your Own Reiki Music

Reiki Music- Boost The Flow Of Reiki With Music
Boost The Flow Of Reiki With Music

Guided meditation uses visual imagery to help with concentration. Similarly, music can complement the Reiki session by improving its effectiveness, here’s a music selection checklist you can follow to ensure an immersive experience. 

  • Enjoy what you’re listening to– To begin with, the essence of relaxation lies in a person’s musical preference, incantations and mantras might work for some. However, it’s not for everyone, your best respite is to use nature sounds, singing bowls or any music that maintains a constant, low tempo.
  • Focus on your ailment – Firstly concentrate on the healing process through your body’s transduction points, these, for the uninitiated, are the 7 chakras. Let’s quickly go through the sounds that affect these.
1RootThunder or earthquakeGrounding
2SacralOcean wavesLife energy
3NavelCrackling firePower
4HeartWind/Sea breezeLove and compassion
5ThroatCrickets chirpingCommunication
63rd EyeBells Wisdom and insight
  • Mix it up – Keep exploring new sounds to avoid a monotonous routine. Additionally, if you know the music well enough, your body might develop tolerance towards it. Therefore, keep your playlist specific, enjoyable and devoid of any unwanted stimuli. 

Direct Benefits Of Reiki Music

  • Emotional wellbeing– Reiki music can help you shed any unwanted emotional baggage. This helps to lifts your spirits and promotes self-awareness. 
  • Physical benefits– Music can help you unwind after a tiring day at work or any strenuous activity.  As a result, it keeps your stressors (heart rate, blood pressure, serotonin levels) under check, your sleep, focus, and overall health improve.


To conclude, the key to achieving true attunement is in the way you conceptualize Reiki, positive vibrations are a must if you want to realize the full effects of energy healing. Consequently, Reiki music is a highway towards recovery and spiritual development. 

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