Sam Harris Meditation Guide – Learn The Best Of Strategies For Peace

sam harris meditation guide

Meditation is a broad umbrella term for practicing mindfulness, heightening one’s senses, and attaining awareness of the body and mind. There is more than one way an individual can be consciously cleared emotionally and mentally. There are many kinds of meditation, and what works for one may not work well for another. However, Sam Harris meditation guide helps narrow it down. Understanding the specific needs and goals before choosing a particular form of meditation is critical. Hence, here are a few ways one can practice disciplined meditation on their own, as told by Sam Harris, a renowned author, neuroscientist, and podcast host, and they are as follows.

Sam Harris Meditation Guide – Vipassana

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Derived from an ancient Buddhist tradition, Vipassana is a form of meditation and introspection recommended by Sam Harris for beginners. Apart from psychological benefits like refining cognitive functions, eliminating anxiety, and modulating one’s emotions, it is also known to provide a sense of self-assurance and contentment. Focusing on one’s breath while sitting cross-legged comfortably with an erect spine helps the individual gradually become more consciously aware of the sensory movements around them. However, losing balance of position may cause a dent in the process; hence, it’s important to stay put. According to him, even though it has Buddhist origins, it is not primarily connected to faith. A proud atheist, he separates meditation and spirituality from religion.

Sam Harris Meditation Guide – Mindfulness

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Mindfulness meditation is a non-judgemental and deliberate exploration of one’s present experiences. It has therapeutic tendencies that leave an individual feeling self-aware and self-conscious of their doings, thereby invoking a sense of responsibility and serenity in their minds. It is also used to treat drug addicts and help anyone cope with anxiety or depression. The process of mindful meditation helps individuals choose what they want to focus on to develop a better, healthier perception of said focused thought. It helps achieve a better understanding of oneself, therefore cultivating a stronger relationship with oneself and, slowly, everyone else around them.

Sam Harris Meditation Guide – Metta or Loving-Kindness

Maitri means benevolence or loving-kindness. This meditation practice helps an individual become more compassionate and considerate of others, reducing the room for character traits like that of ego and jealousy within oneself. It helps them understand and sympathize with another and shape an individual to become a kinder person. Feeling and thinking about love as a permanent state of being and associating it with oneself and the people they surround themselves with helps them gain momentum and clarity towards a positive and happier lifestyle.


Meditation helps bring a sense of patience, tranquility, and kindness into one’s personality. It is not limited to a specific group of people since anyone trying to gain a little peace in the busy lifestyle that consumes one’s life altogether can feel the need to want to slow down and unwind. Meditation is the best solution to turn to for that. It is excellent for self-actualization. It helps one restore their purpose into life and provides a clear pathway to living, envisioning, and manifesting a healthier, kinder, more straightforward way of life.

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