Things You Must Know About Tantric Meditation Guide

Tantric Meditation Guide

There are high chances that you have heard of Tantra or tantric meditation guide somewhere if you are into spirituality, meditation, or yoga. Tantra is an extensive term, but to be precise, it is a practice to enhance the process to open up our chakras. The tantric meditation guide is the central practice of Tantra. It combines movement, breath, meditation, and sound. When you practice a tantric meditation guide in advance, there is an upward movement of life-force, Kundalini energy from the pelvis.

Tantra is a way of life. It is a trail of personal growth that encompasses all aspects of human life. The practice of tantric meditation can give you freedom on the level of the body, mind, heart, and soul. We are here to provide you with a brief insight into tantric meditation.

Tantric Meditation Guide And Its Benefits

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Tantric meditation guides like magic alchemy in the east but is often misunderstood in the west for just sexual rituals. The prime focus of tantric meditations is on providing the correct approach and specific techniques to cause an individual to grow, become more robust, and more capable by undoing all obstacles to freedom in the fastest way possible.

Some Of The Benefits Of Tantric Medicine

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Physical: tantric meditation guide will help you To infuse energy into your metabolism and nervous system. With continuous practice, the parasympathetic nervous system’s natural healing powers can raise enough to help you balance, heal, and rejuvenate.

Mental level: On the mind level, a tantric meditation guide aids in bringing more clarity and openness to your mind. More energy means more ability to innovatively. You will be able to “think outside the box,” be creative, and see things more uniquely and holistically.

Emotional level: tantric meditation guide brings emotional balance and clarity through clearing the chakras that govern the heart and self-expression.

Spiritual: Advanced tantric meditation guide enables all seven of them to function more fully individually and together. Spiritual awakening is not finding a state of perfection but a state of wholeness.

Tantric Meditation Guide For Amazing Sex Life

Tantric meditation guide is not just about sexual energies. However, there are indeed beautiful practices, including sexuality, as it can broaden your ability to connect with your partner in ecstatic orgasms. Tantric meditations can make your sex so unforgettable that your partner can keep coming back for more. Like every other skill you need to go through basics, you cannot directly jump into ecstatic orgasms.

Working Of Tantric Meditation Guide

Clarity & Wisdom- tantric meditation guide involves practices to positively activate the third eye, which is the center of clarity and Wisdom. The Fusion Of breathing techniques (Pranayama), chanting, visualization (kriya), and mantra is useful for acquiring access to the fourth dimension and rest in a pool of restful, effortless awareness.

Exact Difficult Emotions – tantric meditation guide is all about the alchemy of transformation. You will use breath, concentration, visualization of energy movement and color, and ultimately a tantric meditation guide will transform complicated emotions in the heart chakra.

Empowerment – tantric meditation guide helps you connect to the creative forces of will, power, and determination in your Manipura chakra. The chakra is also known as the city of gems.

Awaken Sushumna – You can call a person a yoga” one whose prana, or energy, is in the spine.” Tantric meditation guide helps you connect you to the spinal energy channel known as Sushumna, clearing Kundalini’s path to rise, using breath, chanting AUM multiple times, visualization, and meditation.


Tantric meditation guide uses multiple tools and techniques to help us break the wall that hinders our awareness of limitless potential in the quickest and most effective ways. Using the easy asanas, you can stabilize the pelvic floor, strengthen the sacrum, and increase flexibility and stability in the spinal column. In the tantric meditation, Pranayama energizes the solar plexus, access the heart center, and enters the eyebrow center, or third eye, to replenish the brain and nervous system. So when you involve in the samyamas: Dharana (concentration), Dhyana (meditation), and Samadhi (union/merging with the Infinite), that is the ultimate freedom.

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