Why is Shaolin Kung Fu So Good For You

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“Meditate for a moment, stay focused, and release your energy from your body into the universe.” This statement got me thinking about how we use our energy as well as the energy around us. If you look at how your energy is flowing through you, on a daily basis, you can see patterns and understand what it is you are doing when you do certain things.

The Human Body Consists Of An Intricate Network Of Energies

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The five basic energies are: physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and mind/body. Think of the physical energy you feel when you move, run, jump, or engage in any physical activity; these are called the Energetic Systems.

Then there are the seven vital energies which are also called the Muladhara Chakra. These are Chakra’s that working together with the Energetic Systems to maintain the physical health of a person. You may have heard of the Muladhara Chakra as the central nervous system; it controls the functioning of all the other Chakra’s within the body. The Kundalini region of the spine holds the third of these vital energy centers. When the Kundalini is awakened, this energy center opens up and allows the full, conscious flow of energy throughout the human body.

In order for your physical health to be at its optimum level, you must be able to activate the Kundalini at will. This is where the art of Shaolin Kung Fu comes in. Learning about this type of martial art can help you activate the Kundalini and bring about a significant improvement in the quality of your life.

Shaolin Kung Fu Trains The Practitioner

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As mentioned above, Shaolin Kung Fu trains the practitioner to control the flow of energy within the physical body. To accomplish this, they must learn to focus their mind. Some people may think that this is easy. It really isn’t. The mind has the power to do great things when it is put to good use.

Many people know that the body operates under the laws of physics. They also understand that energy cannot flow through an empty space. This may be true, but it doesn’t apply to the world of energy as we understand it. Just as there are various types of energy, there are also various types of bodies.

Physical Body And The Mind

A human being is composed of both the physical body and the mind. The mind is what directs the energy that is generated within the physical body. If the mind is distracted, the energy may flow without any control.

For example, the internal organs of a human being are connected to one another by an intricate network of nerves. If one of these organs is malfunctioning, it will affect the other organ. In order for an organ to function properly, the other organs must also function normally. When an organ is missing, the body has no way of performing its proper functions. This is why an organ can be removed from a human body and cause great pain and suffering. When the energy flow is interrupted, the same problems will happen with the physical body.

Bottom Lines

Therefore, those who practice this type of energy flow will be immune to any negative energy, whether it comes from the environment, another practitioner, or even themselves. The more they practice the more skilled they become at recognizing and harnessing the internal flow of energy and the external environment energy that influence their bodies. As they do so, the body becomes strong and durable and they are less likely to get sick.

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